Note to GTWA Members

Brothers and Sisters, Colleagues and Comrades of the GTWA: The Co-ordinating Committee of the Greater Toronto Workers’ Assembly – that you elected at our last Assembly – has voted to recommend on our upcoming Assembly, May 16th, to dissolve the GTWA. We have taken this position, because it should be obvious to all of us, […]

Class 101: workers, middle class, and the 1%

Class 101: workers, middle class, and the 1%

A discussion between John Sharkey and Jordy Cummings about class… what is class, manual vs intellectual labour, what is exploitation, and how does it relate to other oppressions? The relation of labour struggles to other social movements?

Rear-View Mirror

Check it out… “Rear View Mirror: A Snapshot of Toronto Activist Art (1976-1996)”